Ending and Beginning

Our last day of school was the 24th.  Since then, I have been caretaker of my mother who had knee replacement surgery and also A who stubbed his toe so badly it got infected, the nail separated from the skin and he required an injection.  It has been some kind of week, I tell you.

E said to me yesterday that he was “so bored” and wants to do some school work, when the public school hadn’t even let out yet (their last day is today).  So I agreed that we start on Monday for the coming school year, and will work 2 or 3 days a week for now.  Tomorrow is the first day for hurricane season so it’s probably a good idea to start off with extra days in the event of another evacuation or week-long power outage.  Our first lesson will be planning hurricane packing lists!  This is something I am an old pro at, but I will let them use some websites like this, this, and this to get ideas and make their own.

We have finally decided on a geography and history publisher!  I was so excited when I made that decision, and a huge deciding factor was their work against the CCSS.  We are going with Knowledge Quest.  We have ordered all 3 of their geography courses together so we won’t get them for a bit, the 3rd is still in production but you are able to download samples and I am impressed with what I see.


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