Was working with A today on some preschool work, not really focusing on him learning the color blue but just to get him to SAY it, or anything for that matter.  Not only did he say it, but he colored the page himself!  This has been an issue with him.  When tracing things, I always have to do hand-over-hand with him.  If I removed my hand, he motions that he wants it back.  He will appear to attempt to do it himself but it’s almost as if he loses his confidence and has to have me move his hand for him.  A few weeks ago, I started putting my hand on his but wouldn’t move it just to see if he’d move it himself.  I think the security of my hand being there is what the issue was because as long as my hand was there, he would put crayon to paper.  Well, today while coloring our blue worksheet with blueberries, I move to put my hand over his and he told me no!  He colored one all by himself.  I know this isn’t a big deal to a lot of people but this is HUGE for us.  I hope this continues.


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