Happy to announce…

That I’m quitting my job on 9 August!  It was going to be on the 10th but next month they are changing the pay week.  Whatever, as long as I’m out of that place.  I will be homeschooling full time once that happens.  DH got accepted at NSU and starts classes on 18 August.

We have done a few days of homeschooling for the 2014-2015 school year already.  We aren’t doing it full time yet, I just want to be ahead of the game.  Hurricane season just started and there has already been some minor activity in the tropics.  Nothing threatening to us YET but I’d like to be ahead so I don’t have to worry about conducting school from a hotel room and packing workbooks.  And I can also count those road trip days as field trips if we manage to find something educational to do, like an exhibit or something.

Looking forward to what’s in store.


One thought on “Happy to announce…

  1. My husband and I can’t agree on homeschooling but we certainly agree our eldest needs a better educational support system than what the schools in our area offer. I think all you’re prepping is awesome! And congrats about the job. 🙂

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