Day off

Ha, who am I kidding.

Today is a day off for the kids, not me.  Their father is taking them out to the bowling alley since finally, we found something they like to do other than taekwondo.

You would think this day would be off for me, and I absolutely could take advantage of this by taking a nap or a spa day but I won’t.  I will be continuing the deep clean of the house I do every time I get a break from my own school. I am in the middle of my spring break and so far have taken everything and I mean EVERYTHING out of their rooms, shampooed the carpets, vacuumed the curtains, washed everything that could be washed (and a few things that shouldn’t be) and now I am working on doing that in my own room.  With them gone out the house I can get triple the work done so that’s what I’ll be doing.  Next will be the bathrooms.  Hopefully my injury yesterday will not slow me down.  In my most graceful state, I fell OUT OF A HOUSE. My brother’s home was raised and leveled so it’s not even with the porch anymore.  I missed a step and fell out of a house.  I skinned my arm, hurt my back and will have a nice bruise on my thigh.  I will probably sit out of taekwondo tonight.

I will also be spending this time trying to organize and streamline our schedules.  I am pretty satisfied with my progress I made on this yesterday but it could still use some tweaking.  I also used some decorative duct tape and created an “electronics box” where all game controllers, handheld devices and anything powered by batteries goes into until they are done with the school day.  I do not appreciate having to compete with Mario or Minecraft for their attention so I took them out of the equation.  They also now have laminated schedules with checkboxes, and they cannot get into the electronics box until they have checked everything off.  I also signed them up for the book-it program since I have yet to choose a reading program for either of them.  This’ll do it!

Yep, we aren’t the most organized or prepared homeschoolers but we’re getting there.