Hi everyone, sorry I haven’t updated this here homeschool blog in some time now!  Family life and all has gotten in the way and things are just hectic.  I had surgery last week as well.

Good news is, our A Child’s Geography finally shipped since the 3rd installment was finally published.  When we start school again this will be added to our classes.

I hope all you homeschoolers are out there having a good time, I can’t wait to get back in the game.


Science fun

I didn’t manage to get any pictures of our science experiments yesterday, sorry.

We are in chapter 3 of Real Science 4 Kids Chemistry pre-level 1 (seriously, look at the covers of those books, they even LOOK like so much fun).  Thankfully, I had the foresight to put big trays underneath our clear plastic cups (we call those big trays “crawfish trays” down here) because if I hadn’t, I would have had a huge mess to clean.  We are studying chemical reactions and how molecules trade atoms.  E was so excited when he mixed two cups and it bubbled over all into the tray.  We took our science outside and used baking soda and vinegar to kill fire ant hills.  I call that a practical application!

And as requested (since it’s not often they actually ask for something educational) they now own a periodic table shower curtain. 

We still have not had any success in choosing a history curriculum.  Perhaps I am being too picky about it, but I don’t want to use something that I’m not okay with.

That marketing project I was so worried about.. I got 100% on it.

Independent thought?

It has been hard to get E, my son to work independently.  Yes, he’s only 7, but the time he’s spent in public school has already managed to quell his creativity and individuality.  His sense of humor hasn’t suffered much but he cannot focus on doing simple addition unless some one is next to him.  He gets stressed out when he feels pressure and starts chewing his shirt and pulling his hair.  I have got to find a way to make him relax.  I am brainstorming ways to get him to work on his own on something he actually enjoys doing.  We do need to de-school but that will have to wait until we reach the 180-day mark thanks to our state laws.  With Z, my 10 year old, I found a grammar worksheet that wanted her to match subjects with verbs then make sentences.  I said you know what, as long as the sentence structure is correct, make something silly out of these like “The car cuts the grass” or “The dog flies to the store.”  She thought that was funny and came up with some really good ones.  I need to get their creativity back.  I sent them to public school as a pair of kids and got back a different pair!

A has been sick with fever off an on upwards of 102 for 3 days.  He’s picked up some kind of stomach bug and doesn’t want to eat much.  I tried to make his favorite restaurant food today but he still didn’t want any.  He went to bed really early tonight 😦

Spring cleaning has turned up several books I will donate to our co-op’s curriculum sale next month.  I am hoping to find a reading program for my 2nd grader.  I was going to buy Horizons for him but they are now CC aligned so that’s a no-go for this family.  We also pulled everything out of their rooms and shampooed the carpet, vacuumed the curtains, wiped down the walls.  I have to get all of this done now that I finished my final yesterday and I go back to school on May 6.

Our science finally came in yesterday!  How fun is this course!  The books are brightly colored and the text is very kid-friendly.  Comes with 10 pre-recorded lectures on disk and an experiment with every chapter.  I have a feeling we will get through the chemistry unit rather quickly.