Proud of my kids today…

As much as I think all attention should be on OK, I can’t help but not trust a damn thing this administration is doing. While the media and the WH push this awful tragedy in our faces with their right hand, we have to pay attention to their left hand. What illegal executive order will he sign behind our backs THIS time? What law is going to get passed without a vote or a whisper? While my daughter packs up a doll with all clothes and accessories to send to OK, with her favorite shirt and pair of jeans to send to some child that has lost everything… I can’t help but wonder what new fight is coming that will affect them. Will that German family get deported? Will CCSS be forced upon homeschoolers? Will our homeschool course of gun safety suddenly be made illegal? These are my burdens to carry. As I watch my kids happily pack up some of their favorite things to give to total strangers, I can’t help but wonder what happens to us as we grow up that we lose that sense of obligation to others before ourselves.

Our last day of homeschool will be on the 24th and I am looking forward.  I am so tired we didn’t go to taekwondo tonight.  Maybe try again tomorrow.  With my mother out of commission due to her knee replacement yesterday my workload has doubled.  I just want some rest.