To IEP or not to IEP…

My youngest has his IEP meeting coming up.  He hasn’t been to a speech therapy session since this school year started.  I want to withdraw him.

Background:  3 year old’s speech services were taken over by the public school system when he made 3 years.  Playgroup for this is twice a week with a speech therapist, teacher, and a handful of other kids for 2 hours each session.

Anyway, with common core’s hands all over the school system, I am trying to find an easy way to pull him out without offending his therapist and most especially his teacher who loves him to pieces.  I don’t want these people to take it personally that I don’t want my son involved in the public school system, at all, but I have to look out for my family first.  I called his therapist today because she and I have been playing phone tag due to my work schedule and told her we’d be moving soon and tried to use that as an excuse to withdraw him and she says “oh when you find out what school district you are moving to just go to enroll him there and they will contact me for his info.”  *sigh*  I am not confrontational with people who have done me no wrong; it makes it worse when these people have shown nothing but love for my son and I don’t want these people to think that I’m not giving my son the help he needs.  He has made more progress over the summer than he did the entire time he was with this program last year due in large part to the private therapist we had before he made 3 years.  She knew she was losing him to the school system so she put together a huge binder for me with all the tools, lessons and advice I’d need to continue working with him on my own.

If the principal at the lower elementary where these playgroups take place decides to ask me why I am pulling him, THAT is a whole different story and I salivate at the idea of telling her about herself.  Primitive and petty?  Maybe, but I avoided the confrontation with her when I pulled my child from her school because I knew I’d still have to deal with her about my youngest.

I suppose, when I am eligible for insurance through my employer I can always look for another private therapist if he still needs it.  I have until Dec 3 (the date of his IEP meeting) to come up with a way to deal with this.