There’s that imagination!

So far, the only day we’ve managed to use the “electronics box,” Friday, was a success.  We managed to finish school before lunch.  Let’s see if that works into tomorrow.

Thursday, when their father took them bowling, he also brought our 10 year old to shop for her birthday present.  She’s been asking for skates so that’s what she got.  She spent Saturday night in the city with her aunt for some Disney on ice show.  Today after she got home, her and E were playing outside while she practiced on her skates.  I went out to check on them and they were in the garage on the cement.  I thought she might have fallen so I said “what are you guys doing?” They had acquired a toy phone out of a box that is meant for the thrift store and were pretending they were traveling between two realities, and in the alternate reality the phone worked, but in reality it was a toy.  Oh and time had no meaning, so they could jump from reality to the alternate reality and land in any time they wanted.

They haven’t had a play session like this in a long, long time.  It was nice to see that come out of them again. They’ve always had such weird fantasy ideas when playing but once E was in public school for a few months that part of them just died. It’s amazing it came back so fast.

Feeling blessed.