How fast a day can go bad


Jars at the ready!

It all started out okay.  Started English, interrupted it for breakfast in the oven.. finished English then planted our seeds.  I got our jars ready outside while they were busy putting on actual clothes instead of pajamas and shoes.  As usual it takes E three times as long as anyone else to get ready to do anything.  I took out four jars, one of me, one for A even though he is 3 and really didn’t understand what was going on, and one each for Z and E. I filled my jar with dirt while having Captain Jack singing “I have a jar of dirt!” going through my head the entire time.  I did hand-over-hand to have A fill his, then Z and E both did theirs.  I made the hole for the seed for each them knowing full well if I let them do it, the seed would end up at the bottom of the jar.


Getting our creative on

Then it was time for them to personalize their new to-be flower jars.  I gave them all the art supplies I had with some scissors and glue and told them to have at it.  I got Z to do some for A’s jar and just put stickers on mine.  E of course covered almost all of his jar when the entire point of this project is to watch roots grow.  This little project actually took up a good bit of the due in no small part to E’s insistence that his jar needed “a little more.”  I wasn’t about to stop him because I really want to see this creative side of him more like I used to before he was put in public school.

The finished project:

All done!

All done!


It was after this project when they decied to start going at each other like…… well, brothers and sisters.  After a few corrections from me the words started to get nasty and the only way I can describe my reaction is

The xbox, Nintendo DS’s, and everything else battery powered did a disappearing act and they got a lecture like nobody’s business.  Of course they are getting along like angels now but I’m not falling for that temporary peace.  They are just beginning the saga of double daily chores.  It’s going to be a long week.