Vowels a-go

Today I wrote many sets of words on the whiteboard like met/meet/meat, kit/kite, man/mane and whatnot.  I think this visual comparison is really what made it click for E, and the fact that we were just off our game yesterday for some reason.

Today was a good homeschool day 🙂

We haven’t gotten our geography program in yet, and when we do it, it will lengthen our school day a little bit.  Not sure how they will handle that haha, but it’ll all work out I’m sure.  Even A got involved today, he came to the table with colors and his spiderman book so he could be with us and be involved.  It’s good to see him working with his hands, it’s something he really hasn’t ever showed an interest in.  When we tried signing with him when he wouldn’t speak he showed no interest in it.  He hates having anything on his hands at all, won’t even lick chocolate off his fingers.  It looks like he may be getting past this sensory issue finally!  Might try to start signing again if this keeps up.